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Even being lucky enough to survive a pedestrian accident can still leave a victim with the

following injuries or ailments:


• Severe Bruising

• Concussions & Memory Loss

• Neurological, Cognitive & Developmental Issues

• Fractures & Broken Bones

• Paralysis

• Scarring

• Death


Many of us rely on the old fashioned way of transportation every single day; our own two feet. Whether you are out for a nice jog or if you are unable to have a vehicle, the fact remains that getting around by walking is a sure way to get from point A to point B, even though it may take some extra time.


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, pedestrians accounted for 10% of Missouri fatalities involving vehicles in 2013. A pedestrian accident for our purpose is classified as an individual being hit by a car. A common misperception is that children are the most vulnerable to pedestrian accidents. However, research shows that the average age of those injured in pedestrian accidents is 35 and average age of those killed in pedestrian accidents is 46, men making up the majority of victims in both scenarios.

As you can see, pedestrian accidents can be the some of the most devastating types of personal injury. Anytime a vehicle and a human being are matched up against one another, the outcome for the human is always less favorable. Regardless of whether a crosswalk is marked or unmarked, an individual crossing the street properly has the right of way. Drivers of cars and trucks must be attentive and aware of any and all pedestrians.

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