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As seasoned lawyers who have handled many motorcycle accident cases, we are in the unique position of giving you high-quality advice when you need it most.

Know that Boulton Law Firm, LLC will take the time to listen to your situation. We will outline a reasonable and achievable strategy for getting you what you deserve.

Get your due as a motorcyclist

Call our professional team at Boulton Law Firm, LLC right away if you are involved in a motorcycle accident. We have extensive experience representing motorcyclists in injury cases.


As certified attorneys in Missouri and Kansas, we will work hard to protect you and get the money that you deserve if you were hurt in a motorcycle or motorcycle-related accident.


Accidents involving motorcycles are unfortunately common on the roads of America today. Motorists often don't see motorcycles, or drivers are negligent and don't take the time to look twice.

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Allow Boulton Law Firm, LLC to take on the burden of paperwork. We will represent you in the case of an accident. You should be able to focus on moving forward.

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